Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poor Bunny

Liam spent the day out with a friend and they spent the entire afternoon swimming.  While I had gooped Liam up with lots of sunscreen before he left, it's pretty obvious none got reapplied during the day.  He also managed to lose his hat, so any protection he may have gotten from that was lost too.

It is only on his face as he was wearing a long sleeve swim shirt.  He's got a headache but otherwise is in good spirits.  It is however his 2nd sun burn of the season.  It's so hard when he's not with us all day long and we aren't the ones in charge of making sure he gets more sun screen, or goes inside during the sunniest part of the day or even eats something (he left home at 10:30 and came back at 5:30 and all he ate was an apple that I sent him with and  an ice cream cone later in the afternoon.  To their credit they did offer him lunch that he refused, but really.... I don't think it's okay to let a kid refuse to eat ALL day, especially when they are playing hard in the sun, but maybe that's just me)

So my poor pink bunny has been fed, had a nice tepid bath, taken some Tylenol and gone to bed with a cold wash cloth on his face.

It's going to be a long summer.
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