Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to school shopping

As the weather starts to get a bit cooler at night and my birthday approaches, my mind turns to Back-to-School shopping.  So I headed to the mall today and here is what I got:

Oh wait... that's for me to celebrate back to school!  

Here are the supplies I got for Liam:

It's the oddest assortment of back to school supplies that I've ever bought!  As we learn more and more about ADHD, we are trying all sorts of tips and tricks.  And one of those tricks is to have "fidgets" available to, well, fidget with, while you are concentrating on something else.

The principle behind fidget toys is to stimulate the arousal level so the child becomes more attentive.  from the ADHD Discussion Page

We sort of thought it was a bit of a crock till we really thought about it. Liam has always done his best work while being physically active: reading while on the excercise bike, math while jumping on the trampoline etc.. Since he can't do any of that while in the classroom (his school is awesome and forward thinking and willing to accommodate, but they still have 14 other kids in the class to control too!) we needed to find some smaller items.

The gum and sour candies won't make it to school but are good for homework time though some people think gum should be mandatory in school because of how well it helps concentration.    The squeezy toys will also help strengthen his fingers, another area that he has to work on.  The rocks are actually mine!  I am a fidgeter and like to keep them in my pocket so that I have something quiet to play with.  The DS pen is another one that I have been using while watching TV.  I can "scratch" it up and down my arm and apply pressure with it to my fingers or leg.  I'm beginning to think that I may have a touch of the ADHD or at least some sensory issues going on too.

We've only tried "fidgets" for a couple of days at home while reading, but they do seem to help.  We have a meeting with Liam's teachers next week and I'm hoping that they will be on board with the idea.  Since I love to research and read up on things going on in my life, I will be going into the meeting armed with fidgets for them to play with while we meet (so they can see how unobtrusive they are) as well as articles for them to read on the benefits that they will give Liam.

And eventually I will make it back to the mall for all the other Back-to-School shopping that I still need to do.
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