Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's so amazing, you'll want 2!

Have you ever watched one of those cheesy informercials and said to yourself "What a load of Hooey!  There's no WAY that product can do that!"  Up until this afternoon I was saying the very same thing!

But not anymore!  I've seen this product in ACTION!  and they aren't lying.  It really is amazing!  It can cut through dry wall and still handle your most delicate chopping.

But wait!  There's more!

You can use it as letter opener or to carve out wood.  I've tried it all!  

And what is the spectacular product you ask?

Why it is non other then a  Ginsu Knife!!  I'm sure operators are standing by somewhere just waiting to take your order!

Just look at what I was able to do with it today:

Yes ma'am, I cut that almost perfectly round hole with this:

Yes, I used Hilary's Granny's Ginsu steak knife for home repair today after our bathroom ceiling sprung a leak.  It's okay, I won't be sleeping on the couch, I had Hilary's blessing!  We inherited the knives more then 15 years ago and they have been our go-to household implement for many a task.  We've cut shelving, pipes, wire, paper and even steak with them.  And they are just as sharp now as the day we got them.

As a side note:  I know have an even larger hole in my bathroom ceiling.  We think it is the duct pipe for the dryer vent. Both our dryer and the tenants dryer in the basement vent out the same pipe, which has at least 3 turns and is 20+ feet long.  I suspect that the pipe is clogged with lint, and due to the damp weather of late, the water has no where to go but out the nearest bend/join in the pipe.  The alternative is that I have a leak in my roof, and I just don't want to think about that right now.
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