Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bifocals or surgery

We had Liam in to see the pediatric ophthalmologist today.  When Liam was 5 he had a bout of Scarlet Fever and his left eye turned in.  Ever since then it has turned in if he's tired, not wearing his glasses or he can just do it on his own.  It wigs me out!

Our family eye doctor has been treating it with prescription glasses, but after 3 years, and 4 prescriptions we haven't seen any improvement, so it was time to head down to the children's hospital.  And I have to say, they are wonderful!  The spent an hour and 45 minutes testing and measuring how much his eye turns in.

It turns out that without his glasses he has a 60 prism dioptre and with his glasses it corrects itself to 30.  I really have no idea what that means, but it's not good.  The Dr. did explain that anything larger then 10 is noticeable  to someone who would be standing and looking at Liam's eyes while they talked.

So our next steps are to go back in 4 weeks to have a comprehensive testing done on his farsightedness to make sure that his current prescription is bang on.  If it's not, then they will give him a new prescription for 6 weeks and measure all the prism dioptre stuff again.  At that point we will have 2 choices.

Try bifocals to see if that will improve things or surgery to reposition the muscle holding his eye in place so that it pulls the eye back to where it should be.


The cool part is if we decide to try the bifocals they can do them as stickers that would just go on his current glasses, so that we don't have the huge cost of another pair of glasses just to try.  But, based on his numbers, it is looking like surgery will likely be where we end up.  The surgery would not correct his vision 100% and because of his farsightedness he will always need a prescription both to see and to help keep his eye in line.

So, I need to find some big girl panties, and soon!  Of course if surgery is the best thing for him, that is what we will do.  I will manage, somehow.....even if just typing all of this has made my eyes water!
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