Friday, August 20, 2010

Green thumb

Hilary and I do not have plants.  We once owned a plant in our first apartment that got so dry that the dirt cut fire from an incense stick.

We've tried gardening, with very poor results.  We had some success with tomato plants one year, but the dog ended up eating any ripe tomatoes right off the vine before we got to have any.

We had a lovely ficus tree until a cat decided to use it as a litter box.

We have admitted defeat and we are okay with that.  Except that planting and harvesting and eating your own food is a wonderful thing to pass on to your child, and I feel bad that Liam is surrounded by black thumbs.

But he has proven that he has his own green thumb:

Who knew that you could grow beans in a plastic cup with 2 inches of dirt?   The plant is smart enough to curl it's leaves when it needs water, so we did manage to remember to water it.  And we ate the green beans on my birthday.  There was one each and there are still 3 more beans on the vine.

Next year Liam can be in charge of gardening!

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