Monday, August 16, 2010

In the car.......

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We don't own a car, so Liam has grown up as a pedestrian and bus rider. And in hindsight, that is probably a good thing!  We do rent cars, travel with friends or hire taxis when our load is heavy or our road is long.  And more often then not, on long (and sometimes even short) trips Liam will end up being car sick. 

When he was little the only warning we had was a strangled cry, a strange ERP sound and then he would be spewing.  Not even time for Hilary and I to look at each other and say Oh Oh!  Even when we were long past the diaper bag stage, we would pack for any car trip like we were going overseas.  Extra clothes, towels, bags, wipes, paper towel.

Now that he is older and more in tune with his body, he has a bit more warning.  He also has become quite adept at not making a mess. We usually make sure that he has a plastic bag handy but he has been know to throw up in his hat if he's traveling in some else's car.  We still travel like we are expecting to be stranded somewhere for the weekend lest we be caught unaware.

While googling car sickness in kids this week I came across some ingenious parent who has invented the YakPack.  It looks suspiciously like what I carry around in my purse, minus the gloves and the cooler puker-scooper.  We recently bought the absorbent lap pads from the dollar store to put under the kitty litter box, so I think I may just have to add them into my purse.  

Maybe next time Liam spews in his hat I can get a picture of him and use it as my own personal logo. I could call it the "Spew Crew" or "Sick Wick" or how about the "Heave Sleave"?  This could be the start of a great home business for me!

But in all seriousness.. if you have any tried and true car sickness remedies please share!!  We leave in a week for vacation that will involve cars, plans, minivans, trains and buses.  And probably a few roller coasters too.  I've already packed my plastic bags.

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Heather said...

Oh no! I never used to get carsick as a kid, but my next-oldest sister *always* did. No matter the length of the trip, she'd barf. My parents resorted to Dramamine for any trip of an hour or more. She also was not allowed to read or color or do anything in the car that took her eyes off the window. By looking out the window, she was able to stay relatively unqueasy.

You might try those anti-motion sickness bracelets that do the pressure points? That could be an alternative to drugs. (I'm thinking of the ones they sell for going on a cruise.) Also, the looking out the window thing might help, too.

I am finding it utterly hilarious that my word verification for this is "antiguts" - perfection!!