Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homework- Survivor Style!

We like to mix things up when we do homework.  After all, I don't want to be doing Math sheets every night, so I doubt Liam wants to either!  We've done fun things with homework before and here is our newest idea.

Liam is studying money in Math class.  So to make homework a bit more fun, I made up a game, loosely based on some of the games they play on Survivor.

I filled 20 little bowls with a variety of things.  Most were chocolate chips (varying from 1 chip to a small bunch), some had a candy and some had booby-prizes like an uncooked penne noodle, spicy chili or cat treats!  Each bowl was covered and given a price.  Liam then had to "buy" the bowls by giving me the exact change.

We has a lot of fun!  He managed to avoid most of the booby-prizes till near the very end.  He declined trying the chili and shared the cat treats with Buster. 

What do you do to make homework fun?
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