Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something Nice for Me

I don't often do something just for me, especially if it involves spending money on something.  I suspect that this is pretty comment among parents and partners.  We have a need to put our family first.

So it was a bit unusual that when I came across a great website while reading on Support for Special Needs,  I bought myself a necklace without too much second thought.

AJ's Collections was great to work with.  They customized the small disc for me to represent my family - 2 women and a little boy.  Their prices are incredible and their turn around time is fast.  If you need a gift or just something nice for yourself, be sure to check them out.

When I first came out as a Lesbian way back when, I bought myself a charm that was the 2 women symbols. I wore that necklace 24x7 for nearly 20 years.  The only time I took it off was the summer I worked in scary straight bars.  I figured it was dangerous enough just being there, I didn't need to announce the fact that I was a Lesbian.

Then last year my Mom bought me a beautiful pewter locket, shaped like a shell.  It came with a longer chain, so I added my Lesbian charm to it and wore them together.  Until I got some mysterious sores on my neck from either the bed sheets, the necklace or both.  I had to stop wearing the locket and charm until that healed.  And so I put it somewhere safe.  And have not been able to find it since.  I have pulled the house apart; looked in pockets of old coats and purses, under things, in things and behind things.  It's not to be found.

Even when I had my original necklace, I had been thinking of ways to add on the boy symbol to show that my family now included Liam.  After losing it I considered getting a tattoo since I couldn't find another necklace that I liked.  

I may still one day get the tattoo, but for now I LOVE my new necklace!

Have you heard of the Band Back Together?  No?  Be sure to go check them out.  It's an awesome site that is a safe place to share your stories and feel love and unconditional support when you most need it.   They recognize that many people don't do enough nice things for themselves, so they are encouraging everyone this week to go out and do something nice just for themself.    I hope you do something nice for you to.  You deserve it!

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