Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Recap

or the party that almost wasn't!

The original plan was that we would be 10 people, 5 couples, for our Oscar party. Hilary, being Hilary, of course made enough food for 15 - you know, just in case. She has 2 big fears every year: 1) that we won't have enough food and 2) that no one will show up. For the first year EVER she was confident in how much food we had. And then the worst happened (worst from a party perspective, not worst from a life perspective)

The 5 couples consisted of us, our friends Sandy and Jason, Sandy's sister Colleen and her husband Jason, and Sandy's brother Jerome and his fiance Colleen (yes, they keep marying people with all the same names, it's very confusing) and one other couple.

We got the call from Colleen (no clue which one) at 9:30 Sunday morning to let us know that Sandy was in labour! We knew this was a possbility since her due date was Feb 26. We all assumed that first babies never come early, so she could come to the Oscar's, eat lots of spicy Indian food and get things moving. Being a close knit family all 6 of them were planning on being at the hospital till the baby was born, and so none of them would be coming to the party.

Alrighty then. We changed our mindset to a nice quiet evening of 4 (Sandy's family's from Newfoundland so evenings with them are anything but quiet). We went ahead with the food prep, since most of it was done and we had already rented the chaffing dishes. Just being 4 people was no reason we should have cold curry.

The house was cleaned, the table laid out, the ballots printed. and we waited. and waited. and waited. Just as I was about to call to make sure everything was okay, they arrived! Phew, crisis averted!

We had a great time. I loved the new format of the show, and Hugh Jackman was an excellent host. I especially liked that it didn't run late. We live in the AST time zone (this one doesn't even exist in the U.S., we are that much further East) so the show didn't finish until 12:55 AM here. Very much past my bedtime.

Hilary was the winner once again, with 12 correct guesses. I came in second with 11, I think an all time high for me.

Oh, and baby Catherine Theresa (thank goodness they didn't name her Colleen, though I fully plan on calling her Oscar myself) made her entrance via C-section around 6:00 PM yesterday. Mom, Dad and all the Aunts and Uncles are doing well.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that it went off even with a hitch...the food looks spectacular

We have a name issue in my family too...and a look like each other...first my DH looks like my brothers twin...from a short distance people have a hard time telling them apart...though not as much anymore...

my younger brother married a girl named...Debbie...and my youngest brother married a girl with my middle name..Renee...

Dont forget that all three of my boys have first fathers with the name Nick...and Spencers birth mom is Debbie...

Sassy said...

That looks amazing. Too bad the others missed out. :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Congrats for Hilary for winning and you for coming in second! And of course congrats to the new parents. The spread looks amazing in that picture! Glad you all had a good time!