Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mama, why would you die for me?

Oh this boy is making me grey!!

So we are walking to gymnastics on Saturday, holding hands as we go through the parking lot. I ask him to switch to my right hand so that he's on the outside, not near the cars. Of course, he asks me why. Silly me told him the truth..... I wanted him away from the cars so that if one slid on the ice he wouldn't get hit by it. He of course figured out pretty quickly that this was only because the car would hit me instead.

Instead of accepting this as an unselfish act of love on my part, he F.R.E.A.K.S. O.U.T.

Sobbing about my impeding death. Hysterics about what would happen to him if I were to die right there in the parking lot, leaving him alone. Sadness at having to grieve for me.

And on and on.....

I finally calm him down and convince him that I am not going to die right there in his arms any second now. And like most 6 year olds, he's off onto a completely different topic within minutes.

Our day continued along quite nicely. We had lunch, did some shopping, went home to play and go tobogganing. Standard Saturday stuff.

Till bedtime.

Things were going along all tickety-boo till we were having a cuddle in his bed. I could tell from the way his face was scrunching up that he was upset and trying not to cry. So I asked the fateful question "What's wrong honey?"

Mama, why would you die for me?

Ummm... cause that's what Mama's do? Somehow that didn't seem like a very reassuring answer while we cuddled under his glow in the dark stars. The whole concept of being willing to die for someone else seemed way too much for him to grasp. And honestly? It was way too much for me to try and explain.

We ended the night with lots of hugs and reassurances of my un-dying love (pun intended!)

Ah the joys of navigating these parenting waters. Where did I leave my handbook again?
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