Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blast from the past!

A while ago I wrote about Opening Pandora's box - reconnecting with someone from the past, and whether or not that would be a good idea. In the end we did reconnect through email and Facebook. So far it has worked out okay... we've caught up on each others lives and seen some recent photos. And that was enough for me.

But the internet (especially Facebook) has a way of letting the past find you.

For example, I give you Exhibit A:Can you guess which one is me? There are 2 rows of girls, and if we number them from left to right, tell me who you think I am.

I have just reconnected with 8-9 people from that picture on Facebook. This was a grade school picture, a split class of grade 7-8. The emails are flying around as everyone gets caught up and suddenly there are plans for a reunion, or at least a get together this summer. Some still live in the city we grew up in, some are close and others, like me, have moved far away but still make it back to visit family every year.

So it seems that the past is coming back... as long as the fashions and hair styles don't!
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