Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day: Celebrate Love

This post is the last in a series this week helping to bring awareness to Freedom to Marry Week. Check out The Other Mother for other bloggers participating in their blog carnival celebrating love.

Hilary and I have been together now for just over 15 years. Like most lesbians, we started living together within the first few days of being together. The plan was that I was only going to live there till I got a place of my own... yeah right!

In 15 years we have survived being unemployed, starting a career, moving across the country to a place we had never been before, buying our first house and then our second, adopting a son together, the deaths of family members, changes in careers and too many hair styles and colours to count.

Through it all she has been my best friend, my strength and my love. We don't really celebrate Valentine's day because we don't need one day to celebrate our love, we do it every day.

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