Saturday, August 9, 2008

What Am I ? Round 6 - Reveal

We have a winner!

Momof3 said... Something for making and drying fresh pasta???

And she is right!

We did have some great guesses from everyone else. They included:

  1. music stand
  2. camera tripod
  3. laundry drying rack
  4. scrapbooking cabinet
  5. modernistic chair
  6. craft loom
  7. special solar panel
  8. something for hanging dish towels
  9. something for filing papers
  10. frame for a sunshade
  11. TV antenna
  12. Arsty-fartsy Christmas tree
  13. pants hanger

We've made pasta once! It did not turn out very well. Our dough was dry and tough. Since then the drying rack has been stored in a high cupboard with all the other pasta making equipment that Hilary got for her birthday one year. I recently broke out the drying rack when I had a stroke of genius! We wash and re-use plastic ziplock bags. But it's hard to find somewhere that they can dry, and for some reason Hilary does not want me putting them out on the laundry line (OMG! What will the neighbours think?).

    So I do this now:

    Thanks for playing! I'll be out shopping for a prize for Momof3 today. And I'll be on the hunt for the next object to take pictures of for "What am I?"
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