Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feb 20, 2008 ~ Today's the day

that I cook dinner for Hilary.

Usually Hilary does all the cooking (and shopping and planning). However on Wednesdays we have Liam in an after-school program so that Hilary can work late and I can pick him up. This means that Liam and I get home before Hilary does so I will be in charge of making dinner.

Of course, Hilary is the most organized domestic goddess that I know! She has our meals planned out for the next 2 weeks so that she can shop smart (both for sales and what she has to carry home) and make things ahead of time. She has NOT made tonight’s meal ahead of time for me to just heat up (like she usually does for Wednesdays) but she did do all the planning and shopping. And she bought an easy to make, one-pot meal.

I realize that all of this makes it sound like I can’t actually cook or fend for myself. I could if I had to, but I don’t have to so I don’t! I can cook, but I prefer to bake and my cooking is no where near as adventurous (or tasty!) as Hilary’s is. If our meals were all up to me we would have a lot of pasta (but not the fancy Angel hair pasta with fresh Cilantro and Brie that Hilary makes), we would have a lot of steak and potato type meals (since steak is one of the few meats that I can cook and then still be able to eat it). We would survive, our meals would be fairly balanced but they would be pretty boring and repetative.

So when I can, I give back to Hilary for the 1000s of meals she has made me over the last 14+ years. I’ll have the table set, the food cooked and ready to go and maybe I’ll even meet her at the door with her slippers. Too bad she doesn’t smoke cigars or drink Martini’s………….
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