Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb 21, 2008 ~ Today's the day

That I stay up late!

Sometimes living in the 2nd most easternly time zone of North America can really suck! The biggest problem is that we get all of our American networks out of Boston, which is in EST. I am in AST, or one hour later. So TV shows that are on at 9:00 PM in Boston are on at 10:00 for me.

And that includes Lost tonight.

If I were content to watch Canadian shows I wouldn’t have a problem. Both CTV and CBC (the 2 big Canadian networks) have local feeds, so things are on when they are supposed to be on. I don’t get confused when I see a commercial that advertises a show for Thurday night at 9:00 and have to worry about who’s 9:00 it is or if I should add an hour to it.

The problem is that there aren’t any Canadian shows that I like. Back in the day we had Beachcombers which was good, and Bumper Stumpers was the best game show EVER, but nowadays… Eh, not so much. I’ve never gotten into Trailer Park Boys and Degrassi the Next Generation doesn’t even hold a candle to the first one. Any thing with David Suzuki is worth watching, but I don’t like political humour so Rick Mercer is out. There are a few good kid’s shows on now, like Lunar Jim but I wish Polka dot Door was still on because I really miss Polkaroo.

I could avoid staying up late by taping shows, especially since we have a DVR in the house as a trial for 30 days. But the problem with this is that it is sooo hard to avoid discussion of the show the next day, and in my case login in and going straight to the website or TWOP to read about what happened. So tonight I stay up because I have to know who is the next person to be revealed as an Oceanic 6! I was right last week about Sayid. I think tonight is going to reveal it to be Jin. Let’s see if I’m 2 for 2!
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