Friday, October 16, 2009

As always, a I'm a day late

While reading through my list of blogs yesterday, I discovered that it was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance day. Woman everywhere were lighting candles in memory of little ones who never got to celebrate their life.

I read all the stories, felt the sorrow of so many women and then went on my way, not thinking that this day touched me directly. After all, I've never been pregnant so how could pregnancy loss affect me? My only child is 7. I have not gone through the unthinkable of having my child die, so infant loss does not affect me either.

But today it hit me. Pregnancy and infant loss has been around me all my life. My name is what it is today because 50+ years ago a baby girl was stillborn. My mom had several miscarriages and at least one stillbirth after they adopted me. Friends have suffered miscarriages and I've attended the funeral of one little girl who died of SIDS.

I would hazard a guess that EVERYONE had been touched by Pregnancy and Infant Loss by some degree in their life. So today, a day late, I will take a moment to think of all the lives that could have been.
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