Monday, October 12, 2009

Continuing a family tradition

When Hilary's Mum and Bill came to visit Liam for the first time, Bill - whom Liam is named after, brought Liam a wonderful gift.

This was Bill's mother's (or possibly Grandmother's, we're going to have to check on that) nursery bell. It is very delicate and makes the most tinkly and pretty bell sound that I have heard. Liam loves to take it out, look at it and give it a ring or two. Until this weekend he was not deemed old enough or careful enough to really handle the bell. But while getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, Liam undertook the family child-labour task of polishing the silver. With the new fangled "magic gloves", silver polishing is nowhere near the manual labour job that it used to be.The good thing is that Liam thought it was fun! And since we inherited a couple of pieces of silver, it is a good thing as this will now be his official family job, just like it used to be Hilary's when she was little.
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