Friday, October 9, 2009

Smile, Sister, Smile

This summer my friend Coco did a series of great posts on old ads and how insane they were.

One of her entries focused on "woman issues". The ad for Kotex, while helping you with a blind date, a hair cut and how to get money from your Dad, had a little section at the bottom where you could write in for their book "Very Personally Yours". If you're hazy about what happens when and why - at "that time", then you need this FREE booklet (with illustrations by Walt Disney Productions no less!)

Well wouldn't you know it? I HAVE that book!! That is the VERY SAME book that my mother gave me as her attempt at having "the talk". In fact, she gave me 2:

Very Personally Yours


It's Wonderful Being a Girl

Oh yeah!! I learned a lot from those!

  • I should "keep dainty and well groomed" so that I always feel attractive.
  • Cold drinks won't give you cramps
  • It's not risky to shampoo your hair at this time, but be sure to dry your hair thoroughly in a warm room.
  • It's okay to go to the dentist, the filling will stay.
  • Girls need to bath and shower to avoid developing an odour
  • Guard against wet feet and chilling. Stay out of drafts... particularly if you are overheated. A sudden change in body temperature can shock your entire system... and possibly interfere with your menstrual flow!
  • If you get blemishes just wash your face gently but thoroughly 4 times a day.
And of course the info came with some great pictures just to help you really understand:

I got these books in 1981 when I was eleven. The fact that they were written in the 1940s and 1960s seemed to be lost on my mother. I also don't recall getting any explanation along with them. Just a box of pads and a plastic sheet for my bed. That was comforting!

Anyone want to share their "coming of age" stories?
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