Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carnival III: Photos of Adoption

What is your most treasured adoption photo (or two)? Block out faces if you have to, find a scanner, or simply tell us about it if you can't post it. We do understand that. Adversely, if you don't have one, tell us why you don't.

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My most treasured photos are the 2 photos that we have on our family wall. One of Iris, my first mother and one of Madelaine, my half-sister and Iris together. I spent the first 30 years of my life wondering what they looked like. Were they tall (I'm tall), were they big (cause I sure am!), did they have straight dark hair, brown eyes, did they tan easily?

I finally got to meet my mother when I was 30ish. She sent me pictures of both her and Madelaine. I scanned every square inch of them for some resemblance. I don't see any, but everyone else does. And then on one of my visits to see Iris she gave me 2 pictures, 1 of just her and 1 of her and Madelaine. Madelaine had these done at a studio for Iris's 75th birthday. And now they hang on our family wall where I can see them everyday.
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