Thursday, October 22, 2009

Open Adoption Roundtable #8

Heather has set up the next Open Adoption Roundtable session. This time the question is:

Write about a blogger (or bloggers) who influenced your real-life open adoption, and how. It might be someone who became an offline friend who supports and challenges you. Or a writer who makes you uncomfortable, but gets you thinking. Maybe a blogger who doesn't even know you are reading. Tell us about them and how they've affected you.
You can check out everyone else's entries here.

My real life adoptions are not open. It's something that I struggle with and find it hard to find folks who are in the same position as I am. People are usually at either end of the open spectrum: completely closed, with no info or open with back and forth contact (even if that contact is not as frequent or detailed as they would like). Being in this limbo land can be hard. But I still draw from the experiences of many others from all sides of the triad. Here are some of the folks who have influenced me the most with their insight, their wise words and their shoulders to lean on.

  • M de P at Reservado para futura mama: Here is someone else who is in the limbo land of open adoption. Finding another adoptive Mama who wants an OA but can't have that right now helps me to realize that I'm not the only one cruising down this road.
  • Thanksgivingmom at I Should Really Be Working: Since I can't know what Liam's Mom might be feeling or thinking, I reach out to Thanksgivingmom to help me see things through the eyes of a First Mom.
  • Chronicles of Munchkin Land is another blog I turn to for wisdom and truth in adoption
  • Dawn from This woman's Work let's me live OA vicariously through her and her relationship with Pennie
Really though, there are so many others. Every blog that I stumble upon gives me something, whether it's laughter or tears, insight or just a deep thought to make me think. I'm so glad I found this great community of bloggers.

Thanks everyone.


Anonymous said...

Andy, someone has got to link to you.

You and virtual twin Heather are my inspirations.

Thanksgivingmom said...

Andy - thank you!

In return, I SO value your insight as an adoptee AND as an aparent!