Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Write about your favorite cereal

I’m going to try using some creative writing prompts from Creative Portal to help get my writing juices into full gear. So once a week I will post a new prompt and my blog entry for it. I hope that you join in and share your ideas on each of the prompts. If you do, leave a comment with your link so I can check out everyone’s stories.

The good thing was that my mother had a lot of cupboard space. I had never seen cereal come in such huge quantities! I thought we had hit the jackpot. We were getting 3 times as much cereal as was in the other boxes and it still cost less! It wouldn’t be till I was much older and shopping on my own that I finally understood that it was sold by weight and not by volume. And it is easily the lightest cereal around.

So light that it all floats on the milk. ALL OF IT. Many times I have filled my bowl with cereal and then added the milk too quickly just to watch my cereal rise up out of the bowl and drift away. I made a game of it, to see how much milk I could add before the first piece jumped ship. But don’t let it sit too long before you eat it. Once the milk is there it wicks the liquid from piece to piece quickly turning them into soggy lumps of wet drywall that you just end up throwing away. This is not a cereal you can prepare and then walk over to the counter to get your coffee. It must be consumed immediately.

Most people are surprised that it was my favorite cereal when I was little. Sure I liked Count Chocola and Frankenberry. But I grew up in Canada and we could only get those when we crossed the border to shop in the States. Our sugar cereal was things like Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes. I loved Golden Grahams, but not as cereal for breakfast, just as an after school snack food, best eaten straight out of the box. This cereal though? It wasn’t sweetened and it didn’t have a cool character. In fact, you could say it didn’t really have much taste at all. But add a teaspoon of brown sugar and it was divine.

I still buy it on occasion. We don’t have nearly as much cupboard space as my mom did, so a 2 foot long bag of cereal takes up a lot of room. And I’m the only one in our family who will eat it. But one bowl is enough to take me back to my childhood, sitting on a stool at my parent's counter, shoveling back my cereal before the bus came.

Yes, my favorite cereal is puffed wheat. What is yours?

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Debi said...

Great Idea Andy...and Puffed wheat...bluck...tho my dads all time favorite...so thanks for stirring that memory for me he has been gone since summer of '99..