Thursday, February 18, 2010

What am I? Reveal

So we had quite a few different guesses for this little thing.

Here is what it is not:

  1. a jump rope
  2. broken curling irons
  3. stick of purple dynamite
  4. sex toy who's sole purpose is to make Jen blush
  5. tampon . . . of the future
  6. electric eyebrow relaxer

some additional clues:

  1. it fits in the palm of my hand, which is where it is meant to go.
  2. it plugs into my computer
  3. it gets really warm
  4. it only cost $4.99!

It's a USB Hand warmer!
My hands get very cold when I type and it make my Raynaud's unbearable. So I will buy any device, gadget or snake oil that will help keep my hands warm. And this little baby does the job!

So go on, get yourself one and stay warm!
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