Sunday, May 25, 2008

Goodbye Trusty (rusty!) Friend

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. After 10 great years together we now must part.

You are gone.

Ours was not a relationship where we spent time together everyday, or even every week (if I could avoid you). You were always there, lurking in the darkness, ready to mock me, to remind me of the things I did not want to do. But when I did turn to you, out of need or desperation I knew I could count on you.

Alas, not today.

You teased me this afternoon, flitting in and out, letting me believe that all was well before you were suddenly gone. Nothing would bring you back. No amount of coaxing, cajoling or even swearing would convince you to come to life and let me hear your beautiful song once more.

So it with a small amount of sadness and knowing the pain my wallet will feel, that I say goodbye to you, my fabulous lawn mower. Bought second hand for $75.00 over 10 years ago, I didn't always treat you as I should. Never once did I have your blades sharpened, and rare was the time that I would thoroughly clean you before hiding you back in the basement. I let the grass grow too long each week so that you strained and spluttered, trying your best to show me that you could still perform. And yet, every spring you would come out ready to face the new crop of weeds and clover that I call lawn.

On Tuesday I will wheel you one last time from the basement and proudly place you at the curb so that you can take that last long trip to the giant dumpster in the sky.

Goodbye my trusty rusty friend!
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