Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Temperature control

Like most couples, Hilary and I don't often agree on what to set the thermostat to. I can only assume that because she was born and raised in Winnipeg, lovingly know as WINTERpeg, that the cold just doesn't affect her the way it does me. She is never cold. She has been known to not bother with a coat in winter, and gloves? Who needs gloves!

I however, am ALWAYS cold. And because of my Reynaud's, it is important that I don't get cold, because it causes me to have an episode. So I always wear several layers, have 2-5 more blankets on my side of the bed, I wear thick fuzzy socks inside my slippers and I curl up under my electric blanket to watch TV.

Until a couple of weeks ago that is.

I'm still mostly cold or chilled during the day and evening. But not while sleeping any more. 3 weeks ago I started leaving our window open at night. Then slowly over the next week I was removing blankets while I slept so that I woke up to a big pile next to me on the floor that the cats had laid claim to so that they could nest in it. I have now removed my fleece top sheet, replaced it with cotton and I have a light comforter over that. Even with all of these changes, my FEET are still hot and I have to stick them out the bottom of the sheets. I have NEVER been able to sleep with my feet sticking out.

I don't know if this is a side effect of any of my current health concerns, something that happens when you start taking B12 or calcium or Vit D. A little voice in my head decided to mention that I'm getting much closer to 40 then not. Hmmmm.... could this be the start of the CHANGE??

I'm not sure how I would feel about that.

One problem that I had growing up as an adoptee from the closed era, was that if something medical like this came up, I had no family frame of reference. Does my line of women go through menopause early? Late? Do they have a tough time with it?

I'm one of the lucky adoptees. I'm in "reunion" with my mother. Our contact is sporadic and difficult, but if there was ever a big medical emergency that I needed answers right away, I could reach her. I got an email from her today, a signal that it's a safe day to call her, so I did. We chatted for a bit, and she updated me on some medical things going on in her life. She has just seen her gynecologist, and will have to have surgery in the next couple of months to "fix things up". Keep in mind, she's 77, so chatting about feminine personal things is not something she does everyday. But it did give me a segue way into asking her about what age she was when she went through the change. Turns out she had a partial hysterectomy when she was 40, so she doesn't know what would have happened naturally. Madelaine is 7 years older then I am, and she is just starting to have signs and symptoms, so chances are I have a ways to go yet.

So what do I do about my very hot feet?
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