Friday, May 16, 2008

Three things I'm proud of as a mother

This tag couldn't come at a better time. I really do need to reflect on the good side of things right now. Liam has been in a mood the last few days and has managed to push my every button and reduce me to tears more then once.

So without futher ado.....

1) We laugh every day. Even on the really bad days we find a way to laugh. A well timed joke (or since Liam is 5 - a well timed fart), sneaking up to tickle someone or just being together and laughing about life.

2) I listen. Growing up I never felt that I was listened to.... and it SUCKED! I make time to listen to Liam - actively listen - and I let him know that I hear what he is saying. Because he has some great stuff to say!

3) I let Liam own his own feelings. He has the right to be angry, sad, happy, pissed off, grumpy, tired, giddy. I do not have the right to impose my feelings on him or tell him that his feelings are wrong. This is another kick back from my childhood. I was frequently told "Just stop crying, there's no reason to be upset" Well, obviously there was a reason to me or I wouldn't have been crying!

So to all the fabulous Moms out there... consider yourself tagged and share the 3 things that you are proud of!
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