Friday, January 9, 2009

What's in your bathtub?

Once upon a time my bathtub was a sanctuary. A quiet place I retreated to every night. A book, some candles and a glass of wine were the only requirements. A nice CD playing in the background or something aroma-therapeutic was a nice added touch.

Now I can't remember the last time I even had a bath. (don't get grossed out dear readers. I still get clean everyday, it's just been reduced to a 6 minute shower before the sun comes up in the morning.)

This morning, bleary-eyed and pre-coffee, I pulled back the shower curtain to enjoy my 6 minutes of hot water solitude. The furnace had just come on so the house was still quite chilly and I wanted to hop into the shower as quickly as possible, so I had already stripped down. It was only then that I realized that the tub was already full. Of TOYS. Somehow after Liam's bath last night the toys had not made their way back to his TWO tub-toy containers.

This is what I found in the tub:

1 Theodore Tugboat
5 boats of various sizes
2 submarines
1 large purple octopus (this should count as 9 items since all his arms had been removed and were suctioned to various parts of the tub)
1 wind up diver
1 pair of binoculars (no idea when or why these become a tub toy)
4 Playmobile people and all of their little-itty-bitty pieces (really, do kids need a toy bottle the size of a pinhead to feed a seal the size of a dime?)
3 Bionnicles
2 Lego Starships
7 Star Wars figurines
5 Hot wheels
2 Pieces of hot wheel track
1 dinosaur

I'm not sure how Liam actually fit in the tub with all of this.

So tell me, what is in your tub?

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