Tuesday, April 22, 2008

5 Scent Challenge

Picture this: You are walking down the street when you get a whiff of something. It's a nice smell, but you can't immediately figure out what it is. You close you eyes and inhale deeply. All of a sudden you are overcome with a feeling of happiness and a sense of contentedness washes over you. The scent conjures up a wonderful memory that you haven't thought of in years. And that sense of inner peace stays with you throughout the day, and each time you close your eyes and think about it you can "smell" the scent again.

I have several scents that are so powerful to me that they can instantly transport my mind back to the time that they come from in my life.

1) Horse Manure

Most people wouldn't consider this a nice smell, or even something that they would want to remember. For me though, it brings back memories of my own horses, being in barns, teaching riding lessons, galloping through fields, watching the sunrise as I muck out the barn.

2) Wet Dry Dirt

I know, it's a contradiction. Let me explain. This is the smell that happens on a summer day, when every thing is dry and dusty and hot. And then the sky opens up and there is a warm shower of rain. Not enough to soak everything, but just enough to make every thing slightly damp. When the rain stops a few minutes later, and the sun comes out, the dirt has a glorious earthy smell as the water evaporates away.

3) Fireplace smoke

Walking home on a cold evening and someone in the neighbourhood has lit a fire. The smell of the wood burning whaffs down the sidewalk and almost invites you to follow it in and curl up with a book, your feet propped up on the hearth.

4) Obsession for Men

hmmmmmmmmm................ enough said!

5) Mr. Sketch Markers

12 markers, each colour a different smell. These were always the prize markers that everyone in class wanted to be allowed to use. They weren't very good for drawing (they have too thick a point, and they would rip through the paper) but how we loved to sit and smell them, often getting caught by the telltale dots of colour on the underside of our nose! To this day the Mint makes me feel sick to my stomach, and I never liked the licorice, but I could have eaten the Raspberry and Apple.

Now it's your turn to try the 5 Scent Challenge!

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