Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008 - Today's the day

that I go for an Upper G.I. X-ray.

Silly me thought it was just an x-ray. Like when they think you have pneumonia... you stand still, take a deep breath, the machine clicks and your all done.

Not so much for the Upper G.I series.

When the nurse handed me 10 mls of crystals and said "these are the gas pills to expand your stomach, try to swallow them quickly and you can't burp till we are done" I knew I was in trouble. At least they didn't taste bad.

The barium mixture however, did.

And no burping... yeah right! Fill me with gas, make me swallow warm, wet chalk and then tell me to roll around on a table so that the chalk can coat my stomach. Let me tell you I didn't make it till they were done without burping! At least I didn't have to take any more "gas pills" to top me back up.
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