Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10, 2008 - Today's the day

that I get asked if I'm a boy or a girl.


I was feeling like crap at work so I decided to cut out early. It's pouring rain, so I splurged and took a cab. When I'm of sound mine, I usually request a cab for "Hilary" just to avoid this problem. Today, I obviously wasn't thinking.

The cab pulled up, I ran out in the rain, opened the back door and asked "for Andy?" while I was climbing in. The cabbie looked me up and down and said "Yup, but you sure don't look like an Andy, is that even your name?"

I'm really not in a happy place to debate gender neutral names with this twit. I was pretty snarky in my reply of "yeah! it's my name" with my "what are going to do about it face" glaring at him. He kinda shrugged, and as he was backing up the car and looking over his shoulder he eyed me up and down again. And then the whopper:

"So are you a boy or a girl?"

And my bitchy answer back?

"With breasts this size what do you think?"

And then I had a quiet ride home.
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