Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In a funk

I just can't seem to get out of this funk right now.

I know that it's from just getting back from vacation, having a house guest as soon as I got home (MIL was here for 3 days, which is great and I love my MIL, but after a vacation you just want to have some down time). It's been hot, so sleeping is rough and Liam just started summer camp this week so we have brand new early morning routines to sort out.

Added to all of this is work - my co-work is on vacation for 2 weeks so I'm picking up a lot of his work (and yes, he picked up mine while I was away, but my job is much more project oriented and not daily task oriented like his, so I'm getting the short end of the stick). Plus we are doing a major upgrade to our software in 2 weeks which is just adding more work right now.

The upside is that it's Liam's 6th birthday on Friday! I've taken the day off and we are heading to Upper Clements Park for the weekend, staying overnight in a hotel so that we can go to the park both days. We'll have cake and presents on Sunday after we get home. Liam has requested not to have a birthday party this year and to just celebrate with family, so we are doing just that!

While I am very excited by this weekend, it is also mixed with sadness for "K" and what she must be going through because of this date too. I need to write a letter to her and send her our biannual update. When we were in more frequent email/IM contact we had stopped sending updates, since we just shared things with her in real time. So this update is going to be even harder to write since we haven't heard from her in so long. It's hard to balance writing an update letter with being worried about hurting the person who will read it. I think I just need to take a few hours and sit down uninterrupted and write my heart out. At least it's an easy subject since Liam does so many funny and wonderful things, I always have a new story to tell.


Any anti-funk suggestions?
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