Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our longest track yet!

Liam and I used to have these great episodes of engineering. We would get out all of his wooden train track and try to build the most complicated sets we could, using up all the pieces. If you've never built a train track before you should try it! it's not as easy as it looks to end up with all closed loops and nothing going off into no-man's land.

Liam has not been as interested in Thomas or train tracks lately. He's growing up you see and his world is now Hot Wheels (Beat That!), Bionicles and Transformers. The gentler, care free days of Thomas and Percy, where the worst "bad" guy is Deisel 10, are slipping away.

Yet sometimes it's nice to go back to the comfort of old familiar toys, characters that were with you for several years of your short life. And so it was that Liam asked today if we could build a track. Who could resist? We hauled everything downstairs and started brain storming. We decided to make the longest track ever - it runs the length of the living room, through the kitchen, up a step and turns around in the dinning room. There is also a branch line the runs through the hallway and into the spare room.

With only 5 days till he turns 6 I truly enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

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