Monday, July 28, 2008

Soccer Update

I am so disappointed in myself.

As nervous as I was, I *knew* that I could do it and do a good job.

We got there early, got everything set up and waited for the folks to arrive. 2 dads introduced themselves and said that they had offered to help out but had never heard back from the coach. I said that I had offered to run things, but would be appreciative of any help they wanted to offer.

The Mr. "I'm a big man and I know everything" took over. He's the kind of sports dad that you dread having on your kids team. Pushes his kid hard, is bossy and loud and has the most obnoxious little snot of a kid. He's one step shy of the line of berating his kid and being cruel, but I suspect as the kid gets older and into more "organized" sports that the line will be long gone.

I stayed on the field and helped, but from the get go he was running the show. And really I wouldn't have cared, except that Liam cared. He knew that Mama was supposed to in charge and he didn't understand why I wasn't and why he had to listen to this man.

And that is why I'm disappointed. I didn't have it in me to stand up to this guy and show Liam the type of leadership that I want him to have one day.
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