Friday, July 4, 2008

Iris update

While I did not get to visit with Iris while I was in Ontario, I did get a phone call from her! During all the pre-operative stress that she was going through, she took the time to memorize my parents phone number and called me once she was out of surgery and in her own room. That really meant a lot to me!

I called her today and she is recovering well. She had a lot of problems with throwing up after her surgery so she ended up staying in the hospital for 2 extra days. They did an epidural instead of a general anesthetic in part to avoid the throwing up issue, but also because she has some breathing problems. However, all is well now and she is on the mend.

My contact with her will become much more sporadic at the end of the month. Madelaine will be off work then (she has been laid off) so I won't be able to email. I can call if I use the code word "Andrea'" If Madelaine answers she will tell me I have the wrong number and if Iris answers but Madelaine is there, she will do the same thing.

The saga continues.
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