Friday, July 25, 2008

Liam's eye doctor appointment

This isn't a picture of Liam's eyeball, but the doctor did take one just like it yesterday. Liam was fascinated by it. He has now decided that he wants to be an eye doctor when he grows up. And not just because of the cool chair that goes up and down.

This year's appointment was much more successful and less traumatic for everyone. Last year Liam had to have eye drops for the first time ever and he F.R.E.A.K.E.D. out! It took Hilary, me and the Doctor to hold him down, wrench his eyelids apart and try to get a minuscule amount of the drop actually near his eyeball. Not only did he not need drops this year, he didn't seem to be scarred by last years visit either. He walked in like a pro, hopped up on the chair and quizzed the Dr. about every machine and button in the room.

He also got to use the grown up letter charts this year instead of the pictures for the little kids. He was quite proud of this fact too.

His left eye continues to be weak. He had Scarlet Fever in April 2007 and during the fever stage his left eye turned in so that he was looking at the side of his nose. It corrected itself after a couple of hours, but ever since then he can make it do that on his own. It grosses me out!! I have eyeball issues (stuff for another phobia post!) and we have worked with him all year to ensure that he doesn't do it and cause more muscle damage.

So we left yesterday with a new, stronger prescription. We weren't surprised by this, as the Dr. didn't give him the full prescription last year. They like to start kids off with a less intense prescription because they are more likely to wear the glasses and keep them on in the beginning with it's all new and their world suddenly looks very different.

Since Liam went through 4 sets of frames from September to November last year (his record was 3 days!) we are going to see about just getting new lenses for his current pair of gold frames. They are very robust and he's been wearing them for almost 8 months now. We do have a second pair that he can wear while they are getting fixed.

And we will be back to see the eye doctor in another year to see how much his eye sight changes again.

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