Monday, July 7, 2008

My son the activist

Liam has reached that milestone where he wants to save the earth, do the right thing and make sure that everyone else is doing it too.

He lectured (and I mean lectured - finger wagging, in-your-face- lectured) my father for 20 minutes during our recent visit. Grandpa's transgression? Riding a bike without a helmet. Liam's lecture included such gems as "your head isn't as hard as the rocks Grandpa, what if you fall?", "Do you know that you could DIE?", "Why do you think you should ride your bike without a helmet?"

He will point out drivers who don't come to a complete stop at stop signs, people who don't wear seat belts and cars that block pedestrian crossings.

He questions why people vandalise bus stops and wonders why they want to destroy things that aren't theirs.

He notices liter and wants to know why people are trying to destroy the earth (and this was before we saw Wall-E)

But his newest area of attack? SMOKERS! and unfortunately (or fortunately) Hilary falls into this category. While she only smokes 2-3 cigarettes a day, always outside, and always out of view of Liam, he is now aware of what she is doing when she "goes outside for a rest". And he is not happy about it! I'm trying my best to stay out of this one, letting Hilary defend herself to him on her own.

This should be interesting.
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