Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Woefully behind!

I started scrap booking when Liam was 9 months old. Actually, that's not entirely true. I made my parents a scrapbook for there 20th wedding anniversary before I had ever heard of scrap booking, or there were entire stores dedicated to the craft.

While Liam was little it was a lot easier to find an hour or two of uninterrupted time that I could haul out all of my stuff and churn out a page or two.

And then he stopped napping.

One of the hardest parts of scrap booking is staying organized (and/or actually getting digital pictures printed off!). Being a bit of an Excel geek, I of course made myself an Excel file - complete with colour coding! It lets me plan which pages will be next to each other, which layouts will require 2 pages so that they get placed in the right place and helps me to see the progress I've made.

Lately, I haven't made any progress! As you can see from my chart below I have 68 pages planned to do, dating back as far as Halloween 2006! I have 5 fully completed books and #6 which is half done. I like to do things in chronological order, as it's easier to keep organized, but I do occasionally jump around, which is another advantage of the Excel file.

I do however, have a scrap booking extravaganza planned! Hilary and Liam are going to BC to visit her family in August, leaving me home ALONE for 8 whole days. 8 days were I can have all of my scrap booking doodads laid out on the dinning room table without having to clean them up every night, 8 days were I will have nothing to do in the evenings and 2 of those days are a Saturday and Sunday!

Also, my mom just gave me 284 12x12 pieces of printed paper. Yup, 284!!! A friend of hers had been making up scrap booking kits and selling them at local craft shows. They weren't doing well and decided to call it quites and got rid of all of their stuff. So they gave Mom a bunch to give to me!! Not only are there 12x12 pages, but borders, embellishments, stickers and card stock.

I think I can do 68 pages in 8 days. What do you think?

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