Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Camp Update

As we embark on the third week of summer camp, I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on how it's going.

Originally Liam was only going to attend 3 weeks of camp, every other week. Then I stumbled across a "Y" camp program that not only still had spots but was only $25.00 a WEEK! The camp runs from 8:30-5:00 and we found out the first week that they also include lunch! The "Y" is located in the North End of Halifax which has been linked with crime and violence and is mainly low-income housing, thus the low rates to attend. We checked at sign up, letting them know that we do not live in that area and we are not a low-income family, but they said everyone was welcome. So he is spending his alternate weeks at the "Y". Neither Hilary nor I have any fears or concerns of the neighbourhood. The "Y" is next door to the libary and an RCMP station and there is a nursing home across the street. Not exactly gang-warfare type turf, especially in the middle of the day. It may be that since we have lived in 2 of the worst neighbourhoods in Toronto that the bad side of Halifax doesn't really seem all that bad to us.

The first week at the "Y" the theme was nutrition. The kids made healthy snacks like muffins and fruit salad, but they also got to go swimming, play basketball and do arts and crafts. His other two weeks with them will be Basketball and Soccer.

His other camp is run through our city's Recreation department. It's called Wet 'N' Wild. They have swimming lessons every morning, and a variety of activities throughout the day. Last week they visited a fire station, the library and spent the afternoon at the beach.

Other then being exhausted, Liam is having a great time! We have no kids in our neighbourhood to play with so it was looking like it was going to be a very long and boring summer. Now he gets his fill of playing all day long, Hilary can work as many hours as she wants and everyone is happy.
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