Monday, August 4, 2008

Overcoming shyness and meeting new people

We live in a great neighbourhood, but the one down fall is that there are no kids on our street. Pair that up with Liam going to a private school where most kids who attend live outside of the city, and it can make for some long and lonely weekends.

There are kids that live on the neighbouring streets. Hilary and Liam see them when they walk to school and have even gotten to know first names while stopping to chat with the other parents in the mornings.

So yesterday Liam and I took the plunge. We walked up the street, hung a left and knocked on a stranger's door to ask if the kids could come out and play. Luckily they knew who we were (or at least knew Liam since I don't walk him to school very often) and were very excited at the idea of getting together. Unfortunately they were just getting ready to go out, so we've set up a play date for this afternoon!!!

Hopefully this will be the start of some great friendships. And the sun is even coming out after 4 days of rain!!
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