Thursday, August 7, 2008

The stuff women bond over

Recently a group of my online friends shared various stories of our first periods, our most embarrassing periods and how we overcame the formidable obstacle of buying pads for the first time.

Then ran into this post and I realized that period stories are a great way for groups of woman to bond. Something we almost all have in common and something that most of us have been dealing for quite a while now.

You might even say after 20+ years that we should be experts at it. Even for those of us with completely wacky and wild cycles, we still have the basics down pat, whether its pads, tampons (okay maybe not those new fangled cups, I don't have those down pat, I can't ever imagining a time that I would want to use one)

Having done this for so long now, I stopped reading the labels and inserts quite a while ago. I’m an expert after all! I buy the same brand and size month over month and don't think much of it. Until yesterday. For some reason the side of the box of tampons caught my eye and I decided to read the Toxic Shock warning label. I'm sure I've read it before but what really surprised me was the chart telling you which size tampons to use based on their absorbency range

AbsorbencyAbsorbency Range
LightLess then 6 Grams
Regular6-9 Grams
Super9-12 Grams
Super Plus12-15 Grams

Interesting. But what does it mean? After much Googling to do some math conversion I finally figured out that 9 grams is only 2 teaspoons. Hmmmm…… so how does one figure out just exactly how many teaspoons worth of tampon you will need? Unless you are willing to use the above mentioned cup and then be willing to go a few extra steps, I'm just not seeing a simple solution. And isn’t the point of the chart and the warning to help save lives? You would think they could make it a wee bit easier to understand!

So I’m going back to my blissful expert ignorance and I’m ignoring the side of the box once more.

PS Anyone know why my HTML for the table left so many blank lines before it?
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