Thursday, August 21, 2008


Thanksgivingmom is holding a give away and is looking for stories "about someone discourteous in your life and how you dealt with it". I think this one qualifies:

GRRRRR!!!The Mama Bear in me come out this weekend, and boy howdy she was grumpy!

Liam and I were waiting for the bus downtown and it was fairly busy. An older woman loudly asked me "How old is the boy, is he about 4?". I answered "six" with a tone and look that was meant to imply that I didn't really feel like talking to her. She then launched into this whole conversation (with herself, since I was refusing to engage with her) about how he was too small to be six, he looks more like 4, isn't he awfully short.

When it seemed that she wasn't going to stop I spoke very loudly to Liam (the volume was to drown out this woman) and told him that he was absolutely perfect for 6, and that he is not too small or too short, that he doesn't look like a 4 year old (cause what 6 year old wants to hear that!) And then we moved as far away from the woman as we could. At which point she started another rant about how rude I was!

I can't believe that adults feel that it's okay to talk about someone like that within earshot of them just because they are a child!

Liam already has voiced concerns about being smaller and shorter then other boys in his class. Self-esteem issues can be tough and I don't need to be fighting them because of some old hag on a street corner!

Do you have a snarky story to share?

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