Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Parent-Teacher Conference

The early days of Liam's diagnosis of ADHD and co-morbid learning disabilities don't seem that far away, but looking back at that post it was 2 years ago.  During that time Liam has completed grades 2 and 3 and has become an "Old Old", as his school refers to grade 4 students.  While the struggle continues and we navigate our way through medication, lack of appetite and subsequent lack of weight gain, homework, and the never ending swearing, there are whole bunches of gains and things to celebrate.

Like all of these things we heard tonight from his teachers:
  • Strong reader
  • Amazing social skills
  • Polite and a joy to have in class
  • Works well independently and with others
  • Stays on task more
  • Seems to be maturing
  • Advanced spelling group
  • Doing well in math
  • Enjoys research
Of course not everything is perfect and rosy.  He still has lots of areas to work on, but what a wonderful feeling to hear how well he is doing.

I'm so very proud of my boy!
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