Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 11 - Personal Opinions Regarding Adoption

Personal Opinions Regarding Adoption: What is your opinion of adoption today? Are you in favor of or against adoption, and how do various circumstances affect your opinion? Has your opinion changed over time? If so, what caused you to rethink your former opinion? What do you think is the biggest need for change in the adoption industry or is the current model for adoption fine the way it is?

I wouldn't classify myself as for or against adoption, but more that I'm pro-family preservation.  Adoption is a life long solution to what is often a temporary problem. I know that these thoughts sound very odd coming from someone who has adopted, but that is part of how many opinion has changed over time.  It can be very hard to explain.  

I love Liam more then life itself and could not fathom not having him in my life.  I do not regret for a second that we adopted him.  Yet... there was no real reason for his mother to place him for adoption, other than lack of support at the time.  She has proven that by going on to having another child since Liam that she is raising. It's just that circumstances at the time of Liam's birth seemed insurmountable to her.  And I wish that that had not been the case.  
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