Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5 - Around the Bloggosphere

Around the Bloggosphere. Do you read blogs of other members of the "adoption triad"? If so, what do you learn from reading those blogs? When you disagree, what's your preferred method of dealing with it (such as leaving a comment, writing a blog post about it, or ignoring it)?
I do read blogs from all sides of the triad. Hearing other peoples perspective is always helpful to me. Finding someone who has been down a road before me, or has a completely different perspective then I do can really be useful. And just knowing that I’m not the only person in the world struggling with a certain issue is empowering.

There are often times when I disagree with what a blogger has said. How fired up the issue has gotten me will determine if I comment or not. More likely I will simply close my browser and move on. I won’t continue to read a blog that I’m constantly in disagreement with, as I don’t find that I gain anything from it, except sometimes high blood pressure. A topic or issue would have to be really near and dear to my heart before I decided to write my own blog post.

One thing that I’m working on right now is to comment more on other peoples posts, whether it’s to agree, disagree or just say “Well done”. I love getting comments from people, so I can assume that other people enjoy it as well. If I’ve taken the time to read someone’s post, the least I can do is tack on a couple of extra seconds to let them know that I was there and appreciate what they have to say.
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