Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 17 -Adoptee Connections

Adoptee connections: Did you know many adoptees growing up? Do you know more now? How have adoptee friendships (online or in-real-life) impacted your experience? How do you generally make adoptee connections?

At every stage of my life I've had friends, family and acquaintances who were also adopted. 

  • Out of 10 kid in my elementary classes, 2 of us were adopted
  • My parent's best friend was adopted, as was her sister, so I had a grown up adoptee to turn to when I needed to
  • I babysat 2 kids who were adopted - this one bothered me the most because the boys (ages 7 and 10ish) had not been told they were adopted, even though 2 of their aunts are the woman in my point above. I very much wanted to tell them about their past, but 13 year old me had sense enough not to do that!
  • At one point in my working career there were 4 of us that worked in a small office area - 3 were adoptees and 2 of us were adoptive parents
  • My current group of 12 coworkers has 3 adoptees in it
  • In my adoptive family I have 6 cousins who were also adopted
  • We recently found out and reconnected with Hilary's older 1/2 brother who was placed for adoption when he was born
  • I've made many online connections through blogs and forums with other adoptees
  • One of our best friends is an adoptee
  • Other good friends of our recently adopted
  • Even my own kid is adopted!


Rebecca Hawkes said...

This _so_ different from experience growing up, but quite similar to the experience of my daughters. They have so many adoptee friends and classmates! At one point I was driving a largish group of kids around in the ol' microvan and it dawned on me that every single person in the van was adopted in some way, though a couple were step-parent adoptions.

Rebecca Hawkes said...

I meant to type "different from _my_ experience ..." Ack! Bedtime for me!