Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My weird phobia and yesterday's freak out.

A genuine master of the air, the swallow swoops low along the ground at
high speed, changing direction in the blink of an eye.

Growing up, my parents barn was full of barn swallows. Every corner of every outdoor building had their little mud nests hidden amongst the rafters. And I hated them. Mostly because they hated me. I kept my bike in one of the sheds and every year a family of swallows would nest right above the door. So every time I tried to get my bike out or put it away Mummy and Daddy swallow would go on alert and try to attack me before I could attack their nest. They would swoop and dive and I would cover my head with my arms and run screaming into the house.

As a result I now have a full blown phobia of birds.

My biggest fear is that a bird is going to swoop towards me and get their beak stuck in my forehead.

Yeah.. when you type it out it sounds pretty dumb. When the birds are swooping at you it seems very realistic!

And that is what caused yesterday's freak out. Liam and I were walking home from soccer when out of no where a Blue Jay came swooping at my head! He pulled up at the last second but I still felt his feet brush through my hair. He landed on a tree branch at my eye level right behind me! Before you think that I'm exaggerating due to my already quite pronounced phobia, let me tell you what Liam's reaction was. Keep in mind that Liam is 2 feet shorter then I am, so he did not have the same bird's eye view that I did! He saw the bird coming at us, screamed and DUCKED! Because of my recent falling-down-the-stairs injury I was not able to move very quickly and really, it happened so fast that I don't think I could have ducked anyway.

It was all I could do to not freak out in front of Liam. One of my parenting goals has been to NOT pass on my weirdnesses and phobias. Luckily we were only a few houses from home so I was able to send him running ahead to tell Mummy all about it. I made it home to find Hilary laughing in the doorway (spouses are SOOOO supportive of their partners fears aren't they?)

I think I'll be carrying an umbrella with me for the rest of the summer! Either to protect my forehead or to use as a bat for any incoming projectiles!
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