Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A photographic scavenger hunt

I have a vacation day this Friday so that I can spend the day with Liam and Hilary can go to work. Because his school finishes 2 weeks earlier then the public schools, we don't have summer camps as an option for him so Hilary has cut back her hours this week. Next week Liam and I are going to Ontario to visit my folks and then he has 6 weeks of summer camp before he and Hilary go to BC to see her folks! Ah, the joys of summertime child care.

The weather is supposed to be fairly decent:

Friday June 20th
A mix of sun and cloud with 40 percent chance of showers. Low 11C. High 21C.
So I have planned for us to hike through Point Pleasant Park and have a picnic lunch.

Then I had a great idea! Liam got a camera for Christmas and he enjoys taking pictures, just like his Mama does.

So, we are going to take our cameras along and do a photo scavenger hunt. I have found these 12 pictures of the park, or generic things like trees and birds, and we will see if we can find the same things and take our own shots. The park has many military ruins scattered about the 186 acres, so it will be fun to see how many we can find.

I'll be sure to post his results on the weekend.
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