Sunday, June 15, 2008

What am I? #3, fourth pic

I have no idea why they chose an elephant as the logo, or why it's lucky!

Well, people seem to be having trouble with this one! Hilary guessed it when she saw the very first picture, but that could be because she bought this for me as a treat a few weeks ago. I didn't realize that this was a Canadian treat, which would explain why it's so hard for my American friends.

Here's another hint, copied from Wikipedia:

Lucky Elephant XXXXX is a Canadian confection that has been on the snack food market since the 1970s. Not widely available in mainstream grocery stores or large convenience store chains, the treat has generally been more commonly found retailed at mom and pop grocery stores and neighbourhood food outlets, and more recently, online. Lucky Elephant XXXXX is sold in 70g boxes. Similar in concept to an American treat, the box contains sweetened XXXXX and a small prize. The XXXXX is not sweetened with caramel, however, but with a pink candy coating. There are also no peanuts in the package.

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