Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Iris update

Well I plucked up my courage and called her today!

She didn't say anything about the email, so all is well!

The down side is that I won't be able to see her when I'm in Ontario. I arrive the evening of June 24th and she is scheduled for surgery the morning of the 25th. Madelaine has taken the full week off to help her with her recovery, so she will be around meaning that I can't be.

Now I'm having weird soap-opera type thoughts of sneaking into the hospital dressed up as a Doctor just to say hi! Hmmmm....maybe not.

Of course, her going into surgery brings up the anxiety of "what if". What if she dies? Nobody knows about me, so nobody will know to tell me. I'll be back to reading the obits daily.

Secrets SUCK!!! So if you are in a position where you keep one of these life-altering secrets, BUCK UP!! Tell people, be brave, get it all out in the open. In the end it will be better for everyone. It can't be worse then this.
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