Sunday, June 15, 2008

The new lawnmower

Well, it arrived bright and early on Saturday morning in a much smaller box then I expected. It only took 10 minutes to put together and then we were ready to go!

Our grass was LONG since it hadn't been cut in 2 weeks and we have had that perfect mixture of sun and rain. Hilary took the first swipe with it and it cut a swath through our lawn like nobody's business, leaving it looking like the start of a weird crop circle! I could not convince Hilary to try and cut in a straight line. However, to her credit, I think this is the first time she has EVER cut grass, it being my job now and the fact that she grew up in downtown TO with a rock garden for a front yard.

And the best part? Liam can do it! (kinda)

Of course he's a touch on the short side right now, so he can't reach the handle, but can push it using the support bar. It's hard for him to do; he almost needs to take a running start to get it to go a few inches. I offered him $20.00 to do the whole thing, but he crapped out after $2.00 worth.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the mower. It wasn't as physically demanding as I thought it would be and it does a pretty decent job. There are a few tall weeds that it wouldn't get, they were too tall so they just bent over instead of getting cut by the blade. But that was another way that Liam came in handy. I just told him to go around the yard and pull out anything that was sticking up! I think the next cut, done at a regular interval and not when the grass has gone wild, will be the true test. I don't think I will ever win any lawn care awards, or manage to get the checkboard look to it, but I'm okay with that!

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