Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11, 2008 - Today's the day

that I convince Liam that he has to stop sleeping in his tent!

Liam got a small tent for his birthday last year from his Granny and Grandpa. Given where we live, the window of opportunity for sleeping outside is pretty small, so to maximize the fun of owning a tent we will sometimes let him set it up in his room. It's been up now for over a week. I would gladly leave it up longer, since he has so much fun in it, except for 2 problems:

1) His room is not that big, so the tent is right up against his bed. He has a mate's bed (the kind with drawers under it) and this is his only clothing storage area in his room. So we have a week's worth of laundry to put away, but we can't get to the drawers.

2) He has a friend coming over for the day tomorrow (It's March break here, so no school). Since his room is not that big, so the tent is right up against the open door. You kind of have to climb over one corner of the tent to get into his room. It also doesn't leave much floor space for playing.

I think the incentive of tomorrow's play date will help me to convince him that this is a good idea. He cannot wait to be able to sleep outside in his tent again! I'm hoping that since he will be 6 this summer, that we can convince him to sleep by himself, or with a friend in the tent, and NOT with Mama! These old bones did not appreciate waking up in the dew last year!!
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